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Thursday, January 31, 2008

UTA Conference

The UTA Conference is this weekend!
Prep yourself to learn a ton and have fun!

*We will meet Thursday at 11:30am by the senior bench (this will be right after 6th period because we’ll be on Assembly schedule).
*Both Friday and Saturday we will meet at 7:15am at the same place. We will leave without you if you’re not there.
*Each night, we should get back to Hillcrest around 10:30pm (depending on when the plays end).
*You will need to bring money for food. The only meals provided by the Conference are Friday lunch and Saturday dinner. But the Cougareat will be open for all the other meals.
*On Saturday, we have the banquet in the evening, so remember to bring nice clothes to change into.
*Students auditioning should also be dressed up for your audition (Jeff, Jessalyn, Briana on Friday; others on Saturday).
*Remember that we're at BYU, so girls cannot wear sleeveless, spaghetti straps, etc... or skirts above the knee. Boys, you can't either. Also, remember it will be cold and you'll have to walk to workshops outside so dress warmly and bring a coat!
*REMEMBER: You cannot drive yourself to this separately unless you bring me that special form signed by a principal.

Get excited!

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