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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Region Team

2008 Hillcrest High School
Region Drama Competition Team

The students competing must be aware of the following:

You are to find a costume that will fit your piece. You don’t have to go all out with it, but it should reflect the character you’re playing. Pantomimes MUST be in all black. Musical Theatre MUST NOT wear a costume of any sort. Musical Theatre should dress nicely.
Look closely at the time limit for your category. You should be consistently 15 seconds away from your minimum and maximum times in order to be safe. If there are asterisks (***) by your piece, that means you have issues with the length of your piece that must be addressed.
Make sure you have a polished and professional introduction stating your name, piece and character then go straight into your scene. Pantomimes only say the title of your piece and nothing else. Always end your piece with ‘thank you.’
Any props you may need for your scene must be secured, easily transportable, and ready to go on Thursday. Pantomimes can only use one chair per performer and nothing else. Musical Theatre cannot use any props whatsoever. Musical Theatre must bring their own accompaniment on CD and their own portable boombox.
Alternates should be ready to perform in case of any eventuality.
All names on this list (including alternates) will be excused from school at 8:00am on this Tuesday, March 11 to come and watch the One-Act competition and support our school’s entry (Pippin). If you feel you absolutely cannot miss school that day, please let Mr. Long know ASAP.

(Time Limit: 3-10 minutes including introduction)
1. Shanice Holt/Gabriel Spencer/Mackenzi Van Engelenhoven --- Doubt***
2. Averyl Dietering/Jessalyn Davis/Briana Shipley --- Fourteen***
3. Karlie McDonald/Joe Johnson --- Time of My Life***
4. Christine Thorup/Daniel Kenner --- The Glass Menagerie
ALTERNATE: Alyssa Benson/Annie Torsyan --- Lemonade

(Time Limit: 2-6 minutes including introduction)
1. Lindsay Walters --- If
2. Ashley Patlan --- Enigma
3. Ebbie Ghaeini --- The Crucible
4. Jonathan Morrison --- Long Day’s Journey Into Night
ALTERNATE: Ryan Smith --- The Rainmaker***

(Time Limit: 2-6 minutes including introduction)
1. Jessica Croft --- Dinner at Eight
2. Anthony Rossi --- Prisoner of Second Avenue
3. Alyssa Bell --- A Midsummer Night’s Dream***
4. Cassidy Arakelian --- King Henry IV Part 2***
ALTERNATE: Victor Felton --- Cold Storage

(Time Limit: up to 2 minutes including introduction)
1. Daniel Lara --- Death of a Salesman/The Odd Couple***
2. Chloe Wood --- ‘Night Mother/Catholic School Girls***
3. Jeffrey Larsen --- Waiting For Ben/Cowboys Don’t Look Down***
4. Cameron Smith --- California Suite/Coriolanus***
ALTERNATE: Jose Padilla --- Anthony & Cleopatra/The Producers***

(Time Limit: 3-6 minutes including introduction)
1. Andy Gnemi/Dalton Parker --- The Dentist
2. Sarah Marshall/Sarah Walker --- A Sticky Situation
3. Layton Anderson --- The Haircut
4. LaDarrell Lawrence --- Test+Cheater=Detention***
ALTERNATE: Pluto/Dopey --- Why Can’t We Talk?

MUSICAL THEATRE (exhibition)
(Time Limit: up to 6 minutes including introduction)
1. Addison Rose --- Jekyll & Hyde
2. Aimee Smith/Becky Foster --- Wicked***
ALTERNATE: Julie Andrews --- Mary Poppins

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