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Saturday, May 24, 2008

2008-2009 HHS Productions Company

*Make sure all new company members plan on being at the CALlie Awards tonight at 7:00 for the official presentation of next year’s company.

*Watch for more announcements concerning a parent meeting.

*Everyone who auditioned should be proud of themselves.
(Hint for Sophomores who plan on auditioning again next year: Try to take Theatre 2…try to take Concert Choir...try to take Dance for Musical Theatre)

Kirsten Arnold
Rachelle Baker
Zachary Bringhurst
Johnny Cave
James Dansie
Kris Daye
Damia December
Eric Deng
Callie Denning
Rachel Edwards
Becky Foster
Ebbie Ghaeini
Josh Gomez
Joe Johnson
Logan Jones
Micah Jones
Daniel Kenner
Amani Khader
Kyle Landeen
Kent Lloyd
Karlie McDonald
Savanna Meyers
Ashley Miner
Jonathan Morrison
Megan Neidiger
Annie Oakeson
Dalton Parker
Ashley Patlan
Addison Rose
Aimee Smith
Gabe Spencer
Paige Steadman
Katie Trump
Mackenzi Van Engelenhoven
Sarah Walker

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Alyssa said...

Congratulations to everyone that made it! I'm so excited to see the talent and messages you have to bring to Hillcrest Theatre Department next year :)