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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Challenge Round Results

2008 HHS Shakespeare Competition Team
Individual Events

The challenge round was so great this year! I was so proud of you all.
Congratulations. These are the pieces that will be representing your team and your school this year. You all still have work to do. Don’t stop working. Please stay tuned for a rehearsal schedule for the next two weeks.

#1: Henry VI, Part 2 --- Aimee Smith
#2: Two Noble Kinsmen --- Rachel Edwards
#3: Antony & Cleopatra --- Gabriel Spencer


#1: Richard III --- Zachary Bringhurst, Karlie McDonald, Addison Rose
#2: Titus Andronicus --- Ebbie Ghaeini, Kent Lloyd, Megan Neidiger

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Shanice said...

yay! i am so proud of all of you that performed! eveyone was definitely more prepared this year. congrats to those who made it! keep working hard!!!