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Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Week-and-a-Half of School

OK, everyone, so the first couple of weeks of school are really exciting in the theatre department. Here is a run-down of what to expect:

Wednesday, August 26: First day of school. Sign up for Shakespeare Team auditions on the door of the theatre room. Anyone who received a 2.0 or higher GPA during the last semester of last year (with no more than 1 F) can and should audition.

Thursday, August 27: During both A and B lunch, come to the theatre room to get help on your Shakespeare audition. You can either find a good monologue, or workshop your audition piece...or just ask questions and get comfortable before your audition.

Friday, August 28: Shakespeare Team auditions! In the theatre room. You only have to be there at the time you signed up for. Make sure and arrive early. All you need is a less-than-1-minute Shakespeare monologue. If you don't have one prepared, we'll have some there you can read.

Saturday, August 29: There WILL be a call-back held from noon-3:00 for some of the roles we need to fill for the Shakespeare Team. Keep this time open in case we need to look at you one more time.

Monday, August 31: The Shakespeare Team cast list will go up on the theatre room door. After school, there will be a short meeting in the theatre room for those who made the Shakespeare Team where you will receive scripts and further instructions. Immediately thereafter, there will be a theatre department party at the park near Hillcrest. Everyone is invited. Anyone in any theatre class, or anyone else for that matter. Bring your friends. Food, games, presidency skit. Come kick off the year with us!

Tuesday, September 1: Auditions for "Curtains." Please note that we will only be holding open auditions on one day instead of two. Everyone auditioning must have a song no longer than 16 measures prepared. There will be a CD player provided. If you want to be considered for a lead role, you must audition with a song from a Broadway musical. No need to sign up for a time, just show up at the choir room right after school.

Wednesday & Thursday, September 2 & 3: Call-backs for "Curtains." If you are called back, you will be able to pick up your sides (scenes and songs you may be asked to perform) before school. Call-backs will begin immediately after school.

Friday, September 4: The "Curtains" cast list may go up in the morning. Or, we may decide to have more call-backs after school. :-) You never can tell.

So, make sure you're ready and don't miss out on anything. I'm excited to see you all next week!

Oh, and remember: the Shakespeare Team and the musical Curtains are open for ANYONE in the school to audition. You don't have to be in Productions. You don't have to be in a theatre class. You don't have to be in Choir. You just have to be willing to audition. :-) Bring your friends. Bring yourself. Don't chicken out. Just go for'll probably change your life...

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