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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Productions Company 2010-2011

I am so excited and humbled by the amazing gifts you all have.
I look forward to working with ALL of you who auditioned in the various shows next year. Remember that the Shakespeare Team, the giant musical, the Spring play, and the Region/State Team are open to anyone to audition. You don't have to be on the Productions Company to be involved next year.
I hope to see you all using those gifts you have acquired to positively affect our audiences. Thank you for having the desire to do so.

The following students have been selected to be on the Productions Company next year. We are having a mandatory meeting on Wednesday (May 12) at 5:00pm in the Theatre Room. This will be followed by a Parents Meeting at 6:00. Make sure and have at least one parent or guardian at the 6:00 meeting. You, however, need to be there at 5:00. Make sense? Ask Mr. Long if you have questions.

There will also be a barbeque/football/relax party right after school on Thursday (May 13) for members of this year’s and next year’s company. Please plan on coming if possible.

Kyrsti Anderson
Joshua Burri
Kelsey Durrant
Amelia Espinoza
Bridger Freeman
Maggie Freeman
Elias Gerber
Joshua Goates
Benjamin Graul
Cosette Hatch
Taylor Larsen
Sarah Larsson
Lindsey Lloyd
Bradley Mackay
Cindy Manwill
Katie Maxwell
Kate Mikell
Malia Morley
Vashti Musig
Alicia Myers
Kohlton Nelson
Nikolaos Nikols
Zachary Olson
Christopher Pedersen
Sarah Penrod
Clarissa Pieper
Mitchell Price
Nathan Schrenk
Markus Sharette
Miles Sharette
Rebecca Simmons
Brandon Smith
Donella Walker
Ian Wright
Russell Wright
Amanda Young

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Miles said...

"A wizard is never late. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to."
-Gandalf the Grey