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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to audition for the Shakespeare Team

WHEN: Wednesday, August 25 2:45-6:00pm (sign up for a specific time outside the Theatre Room. A sign-up list will be posted on Monday, August 23)

WHERE: Hillcrest High School Room C-202 (the Theatre Room: 2nd Floor)

WHO: Any 10th, 11th or 12th grade Hillcrest High School student who is academically elligible (at least a 2.0 and no more than 1 F on last quarter's report card) AS WELL AS any 9th grade student who is attending a Hillcrest feeder school (Midvale, Union, Albion) and is academically elligible (see above)

WHAT: Hillcrest High School's award-winning Shakespeare Team. 50 student actors who make the team will travel down to Cedar City for a weekend in October and compete in one of the nation's largest acting competitions. Check out the post below this one for more details.

WHY: It will be one of the most memorable experiences of your high school career. One of Hillcrest's most successful traditions!

HOW: Select one of the monologues below and have it prepared to perform at your audition. Although it is not required that you memorize your piece (since some students will not have access to these pieces until school begins), you are encouraged to be comfortable with the language and familiar with what your character is saying. This may mean that you choose to memorize it. However, that is not necessarily required of you.

Select one of the following monologues. Some of these are actual monologue pieces that we may be competing with this year. Others are from scenes that may be on our team. Therefore, your audition will help me see which roles you excel at as I choose who will be playing the leads this year. Choose wisely. :-)

FEMALE - DRAMATIC: Antony & Cleopatra - Cleopatra
FEMALE - DRAMATIC: Henry VI, Part 3 - Queen Elizabeth
FEMALE - DRAMATIC: Richard III - Duchess of York
FEMALE - DRAMATIC: Pericles - Dionyza
FEMALE - COMEDIC: Henry IV, Part 2 - Doll Tearsheet
FEMALE or MALE - COMEDIC: Love's Labour's Lost - Holofernes
MALE - DRAMATIC: Coriolanus - Tullus Aufidius
MALE - DRAMATIC: Henry VI, Part 2 - Gloucester
MALE - DRAMATIC: Henry VI, Part 2 - King Henry VI
MALE - DRAMATIC: The Winter's Tale - Leontes
MALE - COMEDIC/DRAMATIC: Henry VI, Part 2 - Jack Cade

If you have any questions, please contact a Theatre Presidency member, or post your question as a comment on this blog and we will be happy to answer it for you. Get excited!

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