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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

THE WIZ Call-Backs

Please be in the Choir Room at 2:30 on Thursday.

Sides (copies of the scenes we’ll be reading at call-backs) will be available in the Theatre Room (C-202) at 7:15am Thursday morning.  Sides should NOT be memorized for call-backs.

Please also be familiar with the music from the show.



Megan Ahlstrom

Brooke Beatty

Carlie Beck

Lynzee Bowthorpe

Emilee Burton

Makayla Conner

Shelby Gist

Samantha Goates

Skyler Harman

Alexandria Jensen

Nahomi Jimenez

Chantel Jorgensen

Stephanie Lake

Claire Larson

Desiree McKee

Tayva Musig

Mikah Olsen

Cece Otto

Jordyn Updyke

Sarah White

Devyn Young



Elliot Burri

Stephen Colby

Nick Fife

Robbie Holland

Sitaleki Mahe

Nathan Morley

Juan Pineiro

Andrew Plehn

Riley Richards

Nicholas Siebers

Logan Stepp

Dezhane TeHira

Gabriel Valle

Russell Wadsworth

Carter Walker


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